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Would you like to be a Lubron partner?
Would you like to be a Lubron partner?
Lubron is a European market leader in the provision of sustainable water treatment equipment, chemicals and services. The company's headquarters was established in 1978 in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. Our company has subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Lubron designs and manufactures complete pre-engineered water treatment systems for numerous process applications as well as key elements for OEM’s and other water treatment companies. Our extensive range of advanced technology water treatment additives has been specifically formulated for the effective treatment of boilers, cooling towers and cooling water systems. An optimal combination of equipment and additives delivers significant benefits for our customers worldwide.

Advantages of Lubron

Training and consultancy

If you become our partner, you won’t have to do everything by yourself. You will find many tools in this chapter with which we can support you.

With the training provided by Lubron, you have an excellent tool with which you can advise your customers. This matter is of growing importance now and certainly in the future.

Depending on your needs we can offer training and consultancy to introduce our products to your business. Furthermore, we have introduced a total service package for our partners, which is very easy to utilise.

Own engineering and product development

We have our own engineering department. Our engineers are continually looking for new and better products to improve our standard range. Saving energy and low carbon foot prints are two of our goals.

When you have a special request, or your customers need a special product, we will naturally do our best to develop a product that meets the needs.

Total service package, easy to utilise

When you become our partner, we can offer you a unique three-pack -depending on your needs:

  • Water treatment installations
  • Chemicals
  • Service

The service package we offer you comprises:

  • Leaflets
  • Product Information Sheets
  • MSDS
  • AutoCad drawings
  • Operating and installation instructions
  • Offers
  • Service forms
  • Tender lyrics
  • Product selectors

You have everything at hand in this package to introduce our products. To view more information, please select below some examples of the service package:

  • Boiler water calculations
  • Langelier & Ryznar index
  • Chemical dosage calculation
  • Annual Report
  • Calculation cooling water costs

Legionella risk assessment (legionella management)

For many years we have operated in the world of Legionella control in cooling water. We can advise and inform management about Legionella in respect to Eurovent 95, BREF EC2000, BS 6265 and Dutch legislation (AI-32).

Water treatment equipment

Water softeners

Lubron’s extensive technical knowledge and application experience have made us a leading supplier of water softeners, varying from large industrial softeners to small domestic ones.

We use the Fleck control valves for our standard softeners and the Cappers valves working without external electricity for the small domestic ones. All use food-grade high efficiency ion exchange resin compliant with EC Directives for water used for the manufacture of food and drink. We have more than 100 models varying from suppliers of 160 litre/hour to 100 m³/hour.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or you want to receive more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Reverse osmosis equipment

Lubron’s reverse osmosis systems deliver high performance at the lowest life-cycle costs. Our pre-engineered systems allow fast delivery and are built with high quality components designed to give a reliable and consistent performance.

Lubron has developed a large number of R.O. installations varying from low-budget appliances to large complex duplexinstallations. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Filtration equipment

Lubron’s range of pressure filter systems is readily configured for removing both particulates and various dissolved sorts of effluent from ground, process and surface waters.

The filters are based on an extensive range of high quality steel vessels, built to the latest European standards, with excellent internal access. The manifolds, available in PVC or, to special order, stainless steel, incorporate pneumatic or motorised backwash control valves which are governed by a dedicated programmable microprocessor unit.

The most common applications include:

  • Iron and manganese removal from borehole water
  • The removal of particulates in effluent, process and surface waters
  • The elimination of organics, such as pesticides and chlorine

The environmentally friendly solution for high-purity water

Continuous Electro Deionisation (CEDI) is a chemical-free process that uses ion exchange resins and electricity to produce ultrapure deionised water. CEDI uses no chemical regenerants and creates no hazardous waste. The ion exchange resins are used primarily as a bridge to allow electric current to pass through the electro deionisation cell; this allows the modules to operate without any brine injections or concentrate recycles. CEDI is an ideal process for polishing RO product water.

Lubron supplies a standard series of ready-to-run CEDI systems using the Ionpure stacks. These skid-mounted systems are delivered complete with piping and power supply. The CEDI stacks can also be integrated on the R.O. skid.

Dosing pumps, meters & control equipment

Lubron has a large range of dosage units, control units and drainage equipment. Depending on the needs of your end user, we can offer you units ranging from low cost to highly extended units with a read out function for all the parameters to be sent via the Internet or a building management system. We can also offer you private labelling.

Water treatment chemicals

Lubron has a wide range of selected high quality chemicals. If you become our partner, you can sell these products for managing the key problems in water treatment namely: corrosion, scale and biofouling.

Customer service and flexibility are very important to us. So whatever formulation, package size or own private label you would like to have, we will do all we can to satisfy your requirements. Furthermore, we will support you with all the documentation and calculation tools you need.

Our flexible approach, innovative products and optimal support make us the ideal partner for you as OEM’er or other Water Treatment Professional.

We have chemical solutions for:

  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Biocides
  • Closed Circuit Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Products
  • Drinking Water Products
  • Cleaning Products